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Knowledge Management and elearning

Develop Life people were early E-Learning pioneers and, over the last decade, have developed solutions that link personal learning with practical, "one-click" information retrieval that have proved savings of up to 80% in training time whilst delivering advisors to the operation confident and fully capable.

Develop Life people successfully blend e-solutions into capability assessment tools, creating efficiencies and making strategic learning and development decisions at an enterprise level quicker and fact-based.

Our Knowledge Solution uses your business processes, product and service documentation and creates easy-to-use, multimedia working procedures, accessed through your current Knowledge system or through our own bespoke "One Click" system. We then integrate this into your training programmes so that you train people to use the system, rather than waste time drilling them in the information. In this way, Knowledge Management sits in the centre of your business and feeds training, online support and process improvement.

Develop Life truly has a solution that will take your business on the "Knowledge Journey".

Knowledge Management Systems

The "Big Boy" Knowledge Management vendors sell their products for hundreds of thousands up to several million dollars. Whereas these systems are (arguably) very robust and feature-rich, it is our view than many organisations don't need to spend these amounts to deliver knowledge through their organisation.

There are many very reliable and popular Open Source products available, and we can advise on which ones might work for you. We have experience with Joomla, Drupal, MOODLE and several other open source systems.

The advantage of these, of course, is a huge saving in set-up costs, and concerns around support are easily overcome when you join the relevant Support Communities.


We offer:

  • Consultancy and advice on developing your training and Knowledge Management strategy
  • The best Knowledge Management approach
  • Impartial advice on systems, or we build it from scratch
  • Training on best practice authoring
  • Integration into your learning and development programmes

Recent Successes

  • Creating efficiencies in training and on-the-job support, with a corresponding reduction in transaction handling time through the development and implementation of a Knowledge Management strategy in an online travel organisation to (UK - Travel)
  • Transforming Customer Engagement for a global software provider through the development and implementation of strategy for E-learning & Support Communities (France, UK - IT)
  • Improved performance, with up to 50% cost savings and the reduction in attrition through the design and implementation of a learning and quality management methodology involving knowledge management, real-time metrics and accreditation (UK - Various clients).

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