Meet Charlie Fourcy

Meet Charlie Fourcy

Hi, I'm Charlie Fourcy, and this is my C4C support page.

I can help you get started with C4C, and walk you through the key functions you'll be using regularly in your destination roles.

Click on 'Ask Charlie' at the bottom of the screen, and I'll be there to present options that you can select to help you. The list of help topics is shown below.

Setting up C4C

  • Accessing C4C from PC or iPad
  • Installing the iPad app
  • Setting up the iPad app for the first time
  • Passcode and passwords
  • Accessing the training environment
  • Accessing the live environment
  • Swapping between environments.

Using C4C - Booking View

  • Searching for a booking

Using C4C - Complaints

  • Creating a complaint
  • Complaint Reasons
  • Complaint Resolutions
  • Summary Paperwork (PDFs)
  • Managing Cases
  • Adding Notes to a case
  • Changing Complaint Status
  • Territories
  • Managing a complaint for a non-lead guest
  • Related Segments.

Source-Market-Specific Resolution Options

  • General Resolution information and examples
  • Resolution rules and allowable combinations by Source Market.

Requests for Information (RFI)

  • Creating an RFI
  • Manage and complete an RFI
  • RFI Case Types
  • How to re-open an RFI

Application Errors

  • How to raise a support request.